6 reasons why I need to hire an interior designer for my child’s room

I can list all the benefits of what an interior designer does, all day long, but that still might not convince you that you need one. Not because the benefits aren’t plenty, but because they’re not obvious to someone who hasn’t tried to put a beautiful and functional room together.

Living rooms and bedrooms are a whole different story. You can get a sofa, a couple tables, a TV and a rug and all the needs are met for a living space. Children’s spaces are another beast entirely, because it’s essentially managing all of their needs: clothing, diapering, sleeping, playing, safety, and very quickly, studying.

Many people assume that a designer chooses pretty things to go together, and think that if they walk into a baby store, that a salesperson can do the same thing for them. While it’s true that a salesperson may give you the same color items, it’s not true that that’s all a designer does. The pretty exterior is what the end result looks like, but the real work is hidden, and that’s the goal.

Here, I’ll list some scenarios of typical things that happen when you don’t have a designer to design your space:

  • You made a “Nursery” board on Pinterest and you’re determined to have a nursery that you’re proud of, but the pictures aren’t all the same, even though you like all of them. The crib is white in one picture, but gray in another. The art in one is animals but the art in the other is flowers. Now you’re not sure which you should go with.
  • You have an idea of what you want it to look like, so you start shopping for the right items, but 3 weeks into your project, you haven’t found the right items. You don’t know where to look anymore, and you start to eye the random stuff on clearance instead, which deviates from your original plan.
  • Babies have a lot of stuff but you have a tiny closet in her space. You figure you’ll put some stuff in the kitchen or the garage, but that means a lot of running around to get your child’s stuff when you need it, adding to your extra workload.
  • You started buying a bunch of stuff, but the crib came in damaged, FedEx delayed the lamp delivery and the wrong bedding color was sent by accident. You spend hours on hold with customer service and you’re not sure if it’s worth the hassle to fix it. You’re fed up and use what you have.
  • Your little one just turned three, but his toys are from when he was a baby, in fact his whole room is catered to a baby still. He needs a big kid playroom now, but you’re not sure how to make that happen.
  • You want a sage green playroom just like your inspiration image, but you already have a navy blue rug and it’s pretty new so you don’t want to get a new one. Now, you’re not sure how to make the sage green room work with it.

Designing a space is much more than choosing pretty things to go together. It’s about building a meaningful environment for how we live, considering every aspect, and managing the process from start to finish.

A little of what we do and why:

  • Why do we measure before we source items? Because in our floor plan software, we can scale products directly in your space before we present it to you so we can tell you with confidence that item fits accurately.
  • Why do we make a concept first instead of directly to a design? The concept allows us to quickly communicate our direction to you before we put the time into a design, if it’s the wrong direction. It also helps us stay on track throughout the designing process to make sure we stay on concept.
  • What is “Order Management”? The process of placing orders, managing the tracking of each item, ensuring the correct item has been delivered and is not damaged, and processing customer service tags when things go wrong.
  • Why do we do installation and styling? We don’t want to send you boxes at your doorstep and give you a huge job to do by yourself. We coordinate installers to put your crib together, place items where they need to be, remove all packaging from your home, and style the room with all the decor and bedding needed to bring the space together perfectly. We leave you with a clean room, ready to enjoy.

In this time when many people are working from home, managing virtual school, or just trying to keep up with all the meals and clean up for the day, week and month, parents need all the help they can get! Especially with our children of all ages, home all the time, their spaces, whether it’s a nursery, playroom, big kid playroom or a virtual school study space.

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