An Interview with AN + SA

Feature Image by Beijos

We wanted to share a little about us with you but we’re really bad at talking about ourselves, especially writing blog posts about ourselves, so we’ve asked our friend Emery to interview us for the blog.

Emery: What were you doing before launching ANSA Interiors?

Angela: I’ve been pretty busy having babies! I have a 3 year old and a 3 month old, both girls. They take up every ounce of my time! I’ve been a full time mom for 3 years now. Before that, we had a family owned furniture business where I worked in import and wholesale.

Sahar: I have a 6 year old daughter also and I’m currently expecting baby #2, so we’ve both been full time moms for a bit. Before that, I worked in the design industry as an assistant to interior designers doing residential work. Way back when, I also worked for RH Baby + Child, where I began to fall in love with designing nurseries, even before I had a child!

Emery: How long have you moms been working together and when did you launch ANSA?

Angela: Sahar and I have worked together on a number of personal projects for years. She helped me do my first apartment ten years ago, and my nursery and kids rooms, and I’ve helped her with her new house, playroom and her daughters room. We decided in the middle of quarantine that it was the best time for us to really build a business around doing what we loved.

Sahar: At that time we weren’t really trying to create these perfect rooms. I mean, we were both obsessed with Pinterest, but really we needed another mom to bounce ideas off of and come up with something functional. We’ve made mistakes on ourselves and learned from them which puts us in a great position to help our clients, whether they’re first time moms or transitioning from 1 to 2 children.

Emery: How did you decide to only do nurseries and kids rooms? Why not the whole house?

Sahar: I love designing the whole home, and I did that for a long time while working with other larger design firms, but we really wanted our focus to be on what we loved to spend our time on. We obsess over nursery art and cute kids bedding!! We are full time moms so it’s literally our world. If a client needed help in another area of the home, we would totally take it on too, though! We’re working on a home office right now for one of our clients, which we feel also helps the kids, especially during this pandemic when a lot of parents are working from home.

Angela: We’re those moms who will look up new newborn gear even when we don’t have a newborn. We tag each other in new cribs we see on Instagram or talk about various models of the Baby Brezza machines. We spent about a day and a half perfecting the placement of the watercolor dot decals for a client. It’s just our passion. Besides that, we know firsthand how important it is to have the children settled in the home. Parents jobs are easier, the home runs more efficiently, and it makes pandemics a little more bearable.

Emery: How does the partnership work? Who does what?

Angela: Although Sahar and I collaborate on everything pretty equally, I’m your main design gal. I handle the overall concept and design decision making, installation day supervision, trade memberships and sourcing. I also manage all of our social media accounts and marketing.

Sahar: Like she said, we collaborate on the design but Angela really takes the lead on that. I create our design presentations with plans, renderings, layouts, and making sure everything is presented to scale. I also handle the back-end project management for each client like the invoicing and other business matters.

Emery: What does the future hold for ANSA?

Angela: We have certainly found our home in terms of design and will continue creating beautiful spaces and expanding our portfolio for years to come. I’ve always dreamed of having my own product line eventually. I love to design my own fabrics so having a bedding line or custom upholstered furniture line for children would be amazing to see in our future.

Sahar: I’d love to start experimenting with hybrid spaces for children. I’m really interested in how our normal life will change in the future with children at home all the time. I want to develop and implement in-home school systems for both distance learning and homeschooling for children of all ages to make the home more productive and both a learning environment as well as a place to play and be creative. It goes beyond designing a room, and more into designing a system for everyday life.

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