Mini Crib Roundup: Why I’m Switching to a Mini Crib

Feature Image by @tinted_green

As a first time mom, I relied on the trending reports on baby registry sites to tell me what I needed. The last time my mom had put a nursery together, there were very limited options so she couldn’t help me with the new and uber chic trends *hair flip*.

I added a beautiful white babyletto crib to my registry which our moms helped to purchase for us. It was a regular sized crib with the conversion kits which would turn it into a toddler bed and could even be used as a headboard for her first twin sized bed. It felt like the perfect solution to our bedding needs for the first 5-6 or more years of her life! And if another baby came along, we could turn it back into a crib and finally upgrade the eldest to a new bed of her own. Our fancy convertible crib would come in handy dandy for baby #2.

This was the plan. And then we laughed and laughed.

Firstly, we didn’t even set the crib up for the first 4 months because we used a bassinet near my bed. The crib seemed too big for her. When she was a little older, she used the (still felt giant) crib in our bedroom as well. She slept soundly for about 7 months on her own, next to our bed. When she turned 11 months, she would climb out of the crib (which was pressed up against our bed) and crawl into bed with us in the middle of the night. This went on for several months.

When we moved, we turned the crib into a toddler bed and in her own room. We were determined to have her sleep in her room and get more use out of the fancy convertible crib! This just made it easier for her to climb out and run to our bedroom. Now I probably should have been consistent and taken her back to her own room and all that sleep training yada yada, but us actually sleeping seemed more important, so we reluctantly became co-sleepers.

For her 4th birthday, we gave her a fully decked out new bedroom and I ended up getting her a twin sized daybed with a trundle to see her through her teenage years. Guess where she’s still sleeping? Yup, that’s right.

So with the new baby on the way, we’ve been considering where to set up the nursery and what kind of crib set up to get. I’ve decided to go with a mini crib to set up in our bedroom for the time being, and to be used from the beginning, until she needs a twin bed, or she crawls out on her own and into our bed, if we’re being real.

Here is a selection of some mini cribs on our radar for our new space

1. Babyletto Origami Mini Crib in Petal Pink 2. bloom alma mini crib 3. Nursery Works VETRO
4. Child Craft™ Forever Eclectic London™ Mini Folding Crib 5. BreathableBaby® Mesh Mini Crib with Mattress in Grey 6. Dream On Me Edgewood 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib, Mint

With all these gorgeous choices in the mini crib world, I’m so excited to start designing the new small space, even if it’s in our own bedroom. A lot of mini cribs are made to be easily folded and transported to another room or another house when you’re traveling. Because the mini crib doesn’t take too much visual space, a bright color is always fun too. For a neutral, easy to transport option in a more subdued tone, the mesh mini crib is a great choice.

A note about mesh side cribs. I noticed that my daughters hands and legs would stick out through the slots of her wooden crib a lot. It wouldn’t get stuck and it wouldn’t bother her too much, but it bugged me. Since the traditional thick bumpers were no longer allowed in California, I bought a mesh crib bumper and it worked out great. I could still see her and she kept her hands and legs inside the crib.

Mini cribs come with a very small crib mattress which isn’t very comfortable, so they do need a separate mattress, as well as mini crib sheets of their own.

If you have a mini crib or are thinking of getting one, which one have you settled on?

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