Bookworm Birdie Bedroom

Welcome to our #ANSAbookwormbirdiebedroom project!

This is part of our “daddy/daughter duo” project where our clients asked for his office space at home to also be re-done. You can find that in our ANSAathome section. For their daughter, they needed a serious upgrade of style, and also a proper place for her to attend virtual school and do homework. She is an avid reader and also loves birds! The room was mostly being used as a guest room because she loved sleeping with mom and dad down the hall, but their hope is that her new space will feel so much like her, that she won’t want to leave!

Here are some before photos:

This room really became a storage for her things and was used as a guest room for grandmas when they visit. Now our client wants the room to be used for it’s intended purpose and also to include a proper desk area for virtual school. Her daughter loves pink but her mom also wanted to make a room that would grow with her into her pre-teen and teenage years.

Stay tuned here for more updates on how her room turns out!

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