Office Slash Art Studio

Welcome to our #ANSAofficeslashartstudio project!

This is part of our “daddy/daughter duo”. This dad works in a corporate office but also is an artist. This room housed a desk with monitors and also a drafting desk with art supplies, but was pretty threadbare. The desk was being used only once day a week before quarantine, and now it’s being used full time. The art supplies also needed some purging and organizing.

Here are the before photos:

Our client really wanted to brighten this space up and create more workspaces for the various tasks he needed to accomplish. For his style, he wanted muted tones, light and bright, and a sophisticated office with some cool design features. He wanted to be able to work and also be creative in an organized way.

We are lightening up the whole room and adding some design elements with accent paint, but more importantly, we’re making really good use of the spaces with dedicated workstations for all the activities.

Stay tuned here to see how it turns out!

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