Office Slash Art Studio

Welcome to our #ANSAofficeslashartstudio project! This is part of our “daddy/daughter duo”. This dad works in a corporate office but also is an artist. This room housed a desk with monitors and also a drafting desk with art supplies, but was pretty threadbare. The desk was being used only once day a week before quarantine,Continue reading “Office Slash Art Studio”

Bookworm Birdie Bedroom

Welcome to our #ANSAbookwormbirdiebedroom project! This is part of our “daddy/daughter duo” project where our clients asked for his office space at home to also be re-done. You can find that in our ANSAathome section. For their daughter, they needed a serious upgrade of style, and also a proper place for her to attend virtualContinue reading “Bookworm Birdie Bedroom”

Design Advice: Organizing Playrooms

Feature Image by Mint & Pine Answering our first client question: “How do I begin organizing my son’s toys and activities for a playroom? They’re everywhere!” This is the perfect question for us to answer right now because we are working on a playroom project for a client that desperately needs some organization! We’ll breakContinue reading “Design Advice: Organizing Playrooms”

Rooms We Love: A Yellow Playroom?!

I love the feeling of inspiration!! When we bought our home 3 years ago, the walls were a deep yellow saffron color, and all the floor tiles were yellow. I absolutely couldn’t stand all the yellow everywhere and vowed to slowly but surely mute everything down! Even now, I can’t look at anything yellow… untilContinue reading “Rooms We Love: A Yellow Playroom?!”

An Interview with AN + SA

Feature Image by Beijos We wanted to share a little about us with you but we’re really bad at talking about ourselves, especially writing blog posts about ourselves, so we’ve asked our friend Emery to interview us for the blog. Emery: What were you doing before launching ANSA Interiors? Angela: I’ve been pretty busy havingContinue reading “An Interview with AN + SA”

Mini Crib Roundup: Why I’m Switching to a Mini Crib

Feature Image by @tinted_green As a first time mom, I relied on the trending reports on baby registry sites to tell me what I needed. The last time my mom had put a nursery together, there were very limited options so she couldn’t help me with the new and uber chic trends *hair flip*. IContinue reading “Mini Crib Roundup: Why I’m Switching to a Mini Crib”

Sahar’s Room of the Week: Playroom!

Every week I’ll be sharing a favorite space from a fellow designer. This week I’m focusing on playrooms because these little ones need a space of their own while parents take a break (or let’s be real, get chores done in peace). This weeks playroom is so bright and playful, I wish it was myContinue reading “Sahar’s Room of the Week: Playroom!”

6 reasons why I need to hire an interior designer for my child’s room

I can list all the benefits of what an interior designer does, all day long, but that still might not convince you that you need one. Not because the benefits aren’t plenty, but because they’re not obvious to someone who hasn’t tried to put a beautiful and functional room together. Living rooms and bedrooms areContinue reading “6 reasons why I need to hire an interior designer for my child’s room”