Design Advice: Organizing Playrooms

Feature Image by Mint & Pine Answering our first client question: “How do I begin organizing my son’s toys and activities for a playroom? They’re everywhere!” This is the perfect question for us to answer right now because we are working on a playroom project for a client that desperately needs some organization! We’ll breakContinue reading “Design Advice: Organizing Playrooms”

Rooms We Love: A Yellow Playroom?!

I love the feeling of inspiration!! When we bought our home 3 years ago, the walls were a deep yellow saffron color, and all the floor tiles were yellow. I absolutely couldn’t stand all the yellow everywhere and vowed to slowly but surely mute everything down! Even now, I can’t look at anything yellow… untilContinue reading “Rooms We Love: A Yellow Playroom?!”

Sahar’s Room of the Week: Playroom!

Every week I’ll be sharing a favorite space from a fellow designer. This week I’m focusing on playrooms because these little ones need a space of their own while parents take a break (or let’s be real, get chores done in peace). This weeks playroom is so bright and playful, I wish it was myContinue reading “Sahar’s Room of the Week: Playroom!”